The investment on Mamacrowd is free for the user, there are no fees or commissions retained by the portal. All the capital invested is for the acquisition of the company share.


These are the two types of "goal" present within each campaign on Mamacrowd.

The minimum goal is the necessary condition for the validation of the project, it corresponds to the capital that the company needs to reach the main growth steps. Once the minimum goal has been reached, the collection can continue until the maximum goal is reached, which is the possibility for the company to have more funds to expand its growth objectives.


Accessions are investment orders that have not yet been confirmed. For each project, "investments" are defined in the bar at the top of the page, while "payments" are the orders that have already been perfected through the transfer, as per procedure.


At the end of the collection, in case it is successful, the investors will be registered by the company itself as new Partners at the Register of Companies of the city of reference of the company. Once the operation has been completed, the company will send the interested parties the certificate attesting to their entry as new partners.

From that moment on, the relationship between the investor-member and the company will be direct and Mamacrowd will be a third party in this relationship.

The partner will receive directly from the company all the necessary information, through newsletters or participation in the meetings (for those who have acquired the shares that give this right).

On Mamacrowd, within the "portfolio" section of your account, you can always find the details of your investments, even after the closing of the offer.