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In Mamacrowd the selection activity is so careful to the details that only 5% of the candidate companies arrive on the platform.

It is our duty, as a supervised and authorized portal, to protect investors ConsobIt is our duty, as a supervised and authorized portal, to act to protect investors and it is in our interest to collaborate only with companies validated by the market, which do not use crowdfunding to carry on their business, but to fund new projects, expand their staff or expand: in this element we can see the perfect communion of interests between Mamacrowd and its investors.

Another distinctive element of Mamacrowd is the network of partners with which it collaborates.

Many of the companies that arrive on the platform have also been validated by our partners and are within their portfolio.

We suggest to always evaluate each project proposed in the platform, even those that are apparently far away from us in terms of knowledge or interest, because we propose only companies in which we believe there is value and a potential for positive economic return for our investors.

All the information is presented in a transparent manner and accompanied by supporting documents: presentation pitch, business plan, balance sheet, chamber of commerce etc. to allow the investor a thorough understanding of each project.

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