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L’equity crowdfunding is a form of investment that allows a multitude of people (crowd= crowd) to become members of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (innovative or not), through investments provided to the companies themselves through authorized online portals: Mamacrowd is one of them.


Investing in an unlisted company means participating in the development of new entrepreneurial activities, contributing to thereal economy and to the labour market, aiming at obtaining a high potential economic return.

On Mamacrowd it is possible to invest on startups and SMEs (both innovative and traditional) and on real estate projects.

This heterogeneity allows us to have different risk profiles and opportunities, which allow us to create our diversified investment portfolio.


The economic return comes in two forms:

- The distribution of profits, in which the shareholder participates at the moment they are produced and distributed, based on the percentage of company shares he has acquired.

- The multiplication of the invested capital , generated by the growth of the company. Acquiring a share of a company when its valuation is still a few million euros allows us to bet on the fact that, once the valuation has grown, the initial share purchased will also increase its value.

In successful cases this parameter can be very important and the economic return significant.


And if things go wrong? The worst hypothesis that can occur is the failure of the company. In this case, as well as in any other situation of financial distress or debt of the company, the risk for the investor is limited to the loss of the capital invested, no other capital contribution can be required or owed by the partner.

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