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Siamosoci Srl crowdfunding service provider via Mamacrowd platform

Last revision date: November 2023

  • Business Name: SiamoSoci S.R.L.
  • Website:
  • Memorandum of Incorporation: Incorporated in Milan on May 19, 2011 at the Notary Studio Picciolo Santa and Pantè Fabio Gaspare
  • Capital: 95,417.54 euros i.v.
  • Registered office: Via Timavo 34, 20124 Milan
  • Office : Via Volturno, 46 - 20124 Milan
  • VAT number: 07464370969
  • Tax code: 07464370969
  • LEI Code: 815600DF7DBD1A836085
  • Milan Company Registry Office: 07464370969
  • PEC address:
  • Phone: 0240031306
  • Rea Code: 1960443
  • Registered in the Milan Companies Register: Ordinary Section since 01/06/2011
  • Registered with the Milan Companies Register: special section for innovative SMEs since 06/21/2017
  • Professional liability insurance policy: policy number 390738827 - Generali Italia S.p.A.
  • Corporate purpose: see the Business Register Visura
  • Business carried out and development expenses: SiamoSoci Srl belongs to the Azimut Group and is a provider of crowdfunding services through the Mamacrowd platform, which is authorized pursuant to Article 4-sexies.1 of the TUF and Article 12 of Regulation (EU) 2020/1503, by Consob resolution, after consultation with the Bank of Italy, no. 22876 of 08/11/2023. Specifically, SiamoSoci, through the Mamacrowd platform, provides crowdfunding services for businesses, i.e., the matching of interests in financing economic activities of investors and project owners, which consists of the placement without irrevocable commitment, of securities and instruments admitted for crowdfunding purposes issued by project owners or special purpose vehicles, and the receipt and transmission of customer orders, with respect to such securities and instruments admitted for crowdfunding purposes. In carrying out its social activities, Siamosoci incurs research and development expenses aimed at the future improvement and development of platform services. See the annual financial statements for details.
  • List of investee companies: See the annual financial statements for details.
  • Existence of professional, collaborative or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centers
  • List of intellectual property rights: we have filed with the SIAE the software related to the platform

Budget: See the fiscal year 2022 budget for details.

Warnings pursuant to Article 19(2)
crowdfunding services provided by Mamacrowd are not covered by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme established in accordance with Directive 2014/49/EU*; securities and instruments eligible for crowdfunding purposes that can be acquired through this crowdfunding platform are not covered by the Investor Compensation Scheme established in accordance with Directive 97/9/EC**.
* Directive 2014/49/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on Deposit Guarantee Schemes.
** Directive 97/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on investor-compensation schemes.


© 2023 SiamoSoci Srl a company of Azimut Group - VAT number IT07464370969 - Via Timavo 34, 20124 MI - SC € 95.417,54 fully paid up - Registr. 8, resolution 19002 of 06/08/14

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