How to invest

The first step to invest on Mamacrowd is to create an account, bearing in mind that the holder of the investment must correspond to the account with which the same is made.

In case of investment as a legal person, the account holder must be the administrator of the company.

It is not possible to create more than one account for the same person (same tax code).

Mamacrowd will delete any duplicate accounts.


Find out how to invest in a few clicks through our guide that shows step by step the procedure


After completing the membership, the investor receives a confirmation email with the data necessary to make the transfer, which finalizes the investment.

It is very important to follow the indications of the email in order not to incur in reimbursements; in particular it is underlined to copy perfectly the causal, being this an identification code of the operation.


For the maintenance of the time stamp, that is the reservation made with the adhesion and the acquired right to become Member, it is necessary that the transfer of perfection arrives within 14 days from the date of the adhesion.

Otherwise, the investor will lose the reservation and will be overtaken by the next ones, with the risk of being excluded and reimbursed in case the campaign goes into overfunding, i.e. exceeds the maximum amount of investments he can receive.


Once the campaign is over and the administrative process for the registration of new members in the Chamber of Commerce is completed in about two months, the new member will receive the Chamber of Commerce certificate attesting to his position as a member of the company he has invested in.