How to start investing on Mamacrowd

With Mamacrowd you can invest in equity crowdfunding online starting from 250 euros.
Differentiate your portfolio and become a partner of the great companies of tomorrow in 6 simple steps.

REGISTER if you haven't done it before, otherwise click on LOGIN.

Discover all the active campaigns and choose which one to invest in.

After choosing where to invest, click on invest and select the amount you wish to invest.

Enter the data to complete your profile and confirm your investment.

Make the payment by bank transfer online or on the site of your bank, without additional fees than those provided by your bank.

We will now take some time to sort out all the paperwork until the end of the campaign, after which you will become a partner in the company of your choice. Remember that you are contributing to the growth of a business project, keep an eye on it in your portfolio and start diversifying your investments.

On Mamacrowd you can invest in startups, SMEs and real estate projects!
Discover now the active campaigns and invest in Italian innovation!

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