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ZAMPYlife is the ethical app for animal care and management nationwide.

  • Launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and partnered with leading national stray associations

  • 85.000 registered users in about 15 months and over 230k downloads

  • Standing team: Edoardo Stoppa (Striscia la Notizia) and Paolo Cereda (co-founder

  • Proprietary technology and agreements with major partners such as Quixa (AXA Group) and in the retail sector

min: 249.996 €

max: 499.992 €

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Minimum goal

249.996 €

Minimum Order

243,36 €


10.000.000 €



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How many times have you been worried about your 4-legged friend's attitude or health or not finding the necessary documents or even forgetting the date of vaccination? ZAMPYlife helps with all these needs...and many others.

ZAMPYlife is the ethical app, full of useful services for managing your pet, developed by an outstanding team in terms of skills and experience. Among the founders are President Edoardo Stoppa a prominent figure in the animal world (National Geographic, Striscia la notizia,...), CEO Paolo Cereda, co-founder of, Vice President Stefano Bardini, a successful entrepreneur in various fields, Stefania Piazzo (editorial manager), a professional journalist who has received numerous awards for animal investigations.

To date among the various services, ZAMPYlife allows you to create a health card on the app and share it with your veterinarian with a simple "tap." It notifies with an "alert" when it is time for a vaccination. And if the 'animal has health problems at any time of the day or night you have the option of using telemedicine, a video call with a veterinarian 24/24 hours , 7 out of 7, useful for an initial diagnosis and possibly receive instructions but also a prescription via email. And that's not all, you also have the option of taking out a health insurance policy with favorable conditions.

But that's not all. ZAMPYlife fights straying by giving all kennels and catteries the opportunity to post their dogs/cats (and other animals) for adoption, also allowing users to report unpleasant situations suffered by animals thanks to the "report abuse" section.

In short, ZAMPYlife is the first real aggregator of information, services and products for all pets.

It currently has to its credit 85,000 registered users in about 15 months and over 230k downloads.

A section entirely dedicated to pet-sitting will also be ready soon: a service increasingly popular abroad, it does not yet have a real player in Italy. ZAMPYlife will offer, with a professional network, a complete service ranging from pet sitting at home, to walking in the park, to finding the most suitable dog daycare. And many more services are being planned.

ZAMPYlife is also a project sponsored by the Ministry of Health and numerous associations such as OIPA, LAV, IHP, LNDC and others. It is strong with agreements with prestigious partners in the insurance and retail world.

On the ZAMPYlife campaign, the optional Rubrication service is available for a fee.

On ZAMPYlife , 30% tax breaks apply.

ZAMPYlife reserves the right of "liquidation preference" for all investors who join the campaign, who will therefore be reimbursed first in the event of an exit compared to the company's other shareholders. All conditions are published in the bylaws found in the Documents section.


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