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Via Gallarate 311, Milano

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A real estate development project, innovative in its offer and solid in its substance, which aims at enhancing new housing needs and experiences.

  • Bureau Veritas Nexta Certification

  • Team with many years of experience

  • ROI estimated between 25.8 and 33.2% - Exit estimated 30 months

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal max 4,4 Mln€

Total Collected

2,7 Mln€



Estimated Duration

2 years and a half

Minimum Order

500 €

Annual ROI Max 




  • Abstract Operation
  • Project
  • Location
  • Floor plan
  • Financial projections
  • Team
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Abstract Operation

G311- Green Living is extending its campaign until 9 October 2020 to give its investors, and anyone who wishes to join the campaign, the opportunity to invest (or convert an investment already made) through the Alternative Unit Header Scheme, also known as Rubrication. FIND OUT WHAT IT IS AND WHAT THE ADVANTAGES ARE

G311 - Green Living is a real estate development project - purchase, enhancement and sale - of an area located in Milan, via Gallarate 311.

The operation is focused on the realization of 71 apartments, including garages and cellars with an extremely competitive quality/price ratio, equipped with large green condominium spaces - redeveloped as "Forest Garden" - and private spaces such as balconies and terraces.
The G311 - Green living project is characterized by numerous value-added services - tools for the management and reservation of common spaces and for the administration of the condominium - and offers the possibility for buyers to enjoy a large amount of equipped common spaces, lounges, fitness etc.

The aim is to offer to future buyers, apartments inserted in an urban context in strong expansion and urban and functional requalification. The location of the property is strategic, considering that it takes just a few minutes on foot to reach the M1 Bonola stop, a few minutes by car to reach Milan's Tangenziale Ovest, the A4 Turin-Trieste motorway and the A8 Milan-Varese motorway. The Gallaratese district is also very attractive, thanks to Expo2015 and even more to MIND (Milan Innovation District), which has made it the new center of Italian innovation.

The growing context, the quality of the product, a conservative business plan and the fact that the buildings are already built rustic up to the roof, are the first guarantees of a solid and concrete investment.
The initiative is developed by G311 srl, a vehicle set up for the operation and composed of serious and qualified operators in the real estate sector of the Milanese panorama, who actively participate with a total equity investment of €1.6M.

The Milanese company Vitofin, which has been operating successfully since 1980 in the field of real estate development and management, is the main promoter of the project. G311 - Green living is certified by Bureau Veritas Nexta, Bureau Veritas Group, a French company on the market for 190 years, a leader in audits and controls to ensure quality and reliability in real estate and infrastructure projects.
Marketing is entrusted to the IAD Group, the largest network of independent real estate agents in France with over 6000 consultants, from 2018 also in Italy.

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G311 - Green Living was born from the opportunity to intervene on a small district formed by two buildings of eight floors above ground, already realized at the rustic in a portion of Milan in strong development. We aim at the functional and aesthetic redefinition of the real estate complex located in Via Gallarate 311, with particular attention to construction quality,energy efficiency, green footprint and level of services offered, all while maintaining a competitive offer both in terms of sales value and management costs.

Having received a strong redesign imprint during the lockdown, these buildings are perfectly suited to the housing needs that the market is expressing following the emergency, being characterized by generous spaces, large terraces and pleasant gardens on the ground floor.

The architectural study has led to a project that reflects the characteristics of the urban context in which it is inserted, with great attention to innovation and the quality of usability of outdoor spaces, both private and condominium.
For the above intervention, G311 Srl holds a preliminary transcribed on February 20, 2020, associated with valid building permits, for a quick and easy restart of the work.

The Intervention

The intervention area is located in Milan, Gallaratese district, in particular in via Gallarate 311. The area of intervention, more than 8000 square meters of commercial area, is configured as a redevelopment of two towers of eight floors each, in addition to technical rooms, cellars, garages and motorcycle parking spaces in the basement. an existing complex, built at rustic.

The time-schedule of the intervention is defined as follows:

  • 2nd quarter 2020: a request for a preventive landscape opinion "ART.40" has been submitted preparatory to the request for the building permit of Conservative Rehabilitation, in May 2020. The area lends itself to the immediate start of worksite activities.
  • 2020-2021: start of site activities in September 2020. At the same time, the marketing of the units will also begin, by professionals who will operate on site and beyond and have specific knowledge of the target market. To date, on a preliminary basis, we are already collecting some expressions of interest.
  • Q1 2022: the end of the works is expected in February 2022 with a first possible forecast of exit for investors, following the liquidation of the special purpose company, G311 srl, already in June 2022.
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Via Gallarate 311, Milano

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