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Sommelier Wine Box


An algorithm-based digital wine club that matches customers' preferences with niche wines from around the world: exclusive subscription wines selected by leading experts.

  • Growth: from 131k€ in '20 to 390k€ in '21 in sales and a target of 1.2 mln€ in '22.

  • +800 active subscribers with an average purchase of 5.5 boxes per year and a lifetime customer value of €280, +3000 wineries in the portfolio, collaboration with +50 sommeliers.

  • Wine market with annual growth of 6 percent, in Italy amounting to 14.2 billion euros and projections up to 19 billion in 2025.

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Sommelier Wine Box was founded in 2018 with the goal of connecting wine lovers with the world's best winemakers

Through its platform, SWB offers education and discovery of niche wineries through a subscription wine service that can be customized based on users' tastes

To date, the startup has delivered more than 21,500 boxes to its customers, with wines selected based on each person's wine preferences, carefully chosen by the industry's leading experts. The subscription model, coupled with the quality of the service, makes it possible to create lasting relationships with customers, who are always discovering new labels this way.

Sommelier Wine Box brings innovation to a market that is still traditional and complex and has only just begun to enter online (only 4 percent of the total), on the one hand accompanying its customers on a path of wine discovery of special realities (suitable for enthusiasts and novices alike), and on the other hand giving small niche wineries (today more than 2,000 already in the catalog) the opportunity to make themselves known through a new digital marketing and storytelling tool.

Each SWB customer is profiled by a proprietary algorithm that allows wines - pre-selected by great sommeliers - to be associated with each user and selections to be continuously refined with a high intelligence system of rating, data entry and continuous refinement of results.

Sommelier Wine Box is the solution that enables all wine enthusiasts to have an easy, sought-after and convenient wine experience, complementing the offer of niche Italian wines with international wine gems.

A solution that results in:

  • personalization of service: personal assistant available to customers, home delivery, wine storytelling and ongoing assistance, money-back guarantee
  • careful selection of the best niche Italian and international products by experienced sommeliers
  • short supply chain wines from real wine artisans, products far from industrial logics

Since 2018 Sommelier Wine Box has grown 250% year on year, with a turnover of €390k in 2021 against only €38k of advertising investment. The trend is confirmed in 2022: in the first quarter the innovative startup generated €98k compared to €39k a year earlier in the same period.

On the Sommelier Wine Box campaign is available the optional service of Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Sommelier Wine Box.

A30% tax break applies on Sommelier Wine Box.


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