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The multi-sector ticketing platform that aggregates all mountain sports services, with a unique advanced digital tool on the market.

  • All tickets and ski passes in one digital space

  • Industry-experienced team with proprietary technology (5 years of development)

  • Model and software designed to be scalable and replicable across multiple sectors

  • 40.000 active customers, 1,000,000 website visits, more than 20,000 app downloads

min: 79.998 €

max: 350.000 €

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20.740 €

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79.997 €

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249,75 €


1.998.000 €

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Geoticket is the digitally advanced ticketing platform that aggregates all mountain sports services through a digital tool that is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

With an innovative, multichannel service, Geoticket makes it possible to purchase, in a single digital space (application and website), any type of ticket and reservation: from ski passes to access tickets, from fishing permits to tourist packages.

In these sectors, the digital transformation has not yet begun: the digital offer in the winter and mountain sports market is still highly fragmented and underdeveloped, with the presence in the market of a myriad of small local operators (ski resorts, local ticket offices, small retailers, bars) that lack the scale and tools to introduce an innovative purchasing experience on a large scale. Thus, there is a ' significant opportunity for an offer aggregator such as Geoticket.

Moreover, 50 percent of the world market for winter and mountain sports is concentrated in Europe, with a particular focus on the Alps: this is therefore one of the rare sectors in which an Italian startup has a strong competitive advantage thanks to its privileged access to the main markets. (Source: International Report on Snow & Mountains Tourism - Laurent Vanant).

The founders of Geoticket have therefore created a tool that combines fragmented, undigitized and complementary services into a single, easy-to-use platform with an easy-to-use purchase and booking system that is accessible to all.

In addition to the ticket and ski pass service, Geoticket offers all services dedicated to mountain sports, from accommodation to insurance, from equipment rental to merchandising, solving countless problems in one digital space and creating a 360-degree product designed around target customers.

In 2021, more than 1mln accesses to the web platform were achieved, with a total of 20,000 downloads of the application.

Geoticket has 89 ticketing management contracts under its belt nationwide, with a current offering of 465 experiences and tickets available on the platform.

The Geoticket team also shared data demonstrating the great growth of the business, going from transacted €4,292.00 from 2017 to €455,949.00 in 2021.

With a highly scalable business model and a proprietary technology designed to be replicated in new and different sectors, the company's goal is to become the European benchmark for digital ticketing for mountain sports in three years, and then expand to complementary sectors (hardware, resorts, stadiums and arenas, sea and summer sports) and establish a global player for the sports ticketing industry.

Available on the Geoticket campaign is the optional Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Geoticket.


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