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The digital hub of Endurance sports (running, cycling, triathlon, cross-country skiing,..) offering a suite of services for practitioners, event organizers, local authorities and companies.

  • 700.000 registered and profiled users on the platform

  • 1.500 events using the ENDU platform

  • 2.6 million raised in previous rounds and by CDP Venture with the Rilancio fund in 2021

  • 1.6 million in sales and 7.3 million in transacted business in 2021 despite the effects of the pandemic

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Every day in Italy millions of people run, cycle, swim. Mirroring and catalyzing this phenomenon are the many participatory events that take place in every part of the peninsula.

Engagigo is the innovative SME that created ENDU, a proprietary platform to intercept the needs of fans and operators of the large and growing market of endurance sports (running, cycling, triathlon, cross-country skiing and other assimilated).

From the start ENDU is at the heart of events with information, registration, accreditation, rankings and personal results, live tracking, photos, and ratings. More than 1,500 events in 2021 used this technology, including Maratona di Roma, Deejay Ten, Giro d'Italia, Granfondo Strade Bianche, Marcialonga, European Road Cycling and Mountain Bike Championships, Triathlon World Cup, Bardolino Triathlon; just to name a few of the best known.

Not only marketplace: ENDU has more recently launched ENDUchannel, a media platform dedicated to endurance that, through a daily production of videos and articles, interacts with the audience of fans and profiles their interests to capture advertising investments from companies, events, and territorial entities. Brands such as Volkswagen, Macron, Giant, SiS, Yolo, Trentino Marketing... have already invested in ENDUchannel and other related marketing services, which make use of a database consisting of 700,000 users and growing.

ENDU has been severely impacted by the event cancellation pandemic, but has been able to develop new business opportunities, most notably Pedalitaly, a project born from virtual events on an augmented reality platform that brings cyclists from all over the world to pedal remotely on iconic cycling routes in our country. The project, which has already found support from Invitalia, Enit and a number of local authorities, is aimed at introducing into the ENDU marketplace the sale, on the international market, of sports tourism services and experiences in Italy.

After raising €1.67 million from qualified business angels and €1 million from CDP Ventures SGR, today ENDU wants to raise financial resources from its members and through Mamacrowd for a decisive upgrade of its technology, an expansion of the products sold in the marketplace and an increase of its market share in events up to 80 percent of the target market, also through the aggregation of additional partners.

ENDU is also an investment that brings benefits to the sports ecosystem, tourism, and people's mental and physical well-being.


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