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The B2B digital marketplace that is changing the way flowers and plants are exported, sold and distributed in Europe. During the lockdown it supports florists in the digital transformation for online sales.

  • First mover on the flower market

  • 320,000 € total turnover, 90+ B2B customers

  • Selected in Luiss EnlLabs, LVenture Group investor in the campaign

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

min: 100.000 €

max: 300.000 €

40 Investments

147.133 €

40 Paid

147.132 €

Minimum goal

100.000 €

Minimum Order

499,67 €


2.000.000 €



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Before Bloovery a flower, to get from the producer to the final consumer, passed from hand to hand at least 5 times. This meant having expensive products on the market with a short residual life.

Bloovery is the startup that shortens and digitalizes the distribution chain, through the development of a technology that allows to eliminate waste and inefficiency.

Bloovery is the industry's first fully digital wholesaler in Europe . It sells online and distributes flowers, plants and accessories, in just 24 hours. More than 15,000 products are distributed monthly to floral professionals such as flower shops, flower designers and wedding planners.

The turnover has already exceeded € 350,000, with more than 100 professional customers in less than two years of activity.

Thanks to these results LVenture Group, the most active early stage VC in Italy, has decided to invest in the campaign, to support the company in its growth.

The team is composed of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the floriculture sector, digital marketing skills developed in a multinational environment and developers with a rich background in startups.


Overview of the business following the lockdown:

Bloovery's operations continued during the lockdown, working to continue to build its competitive advantage over its competitors. The company has stepped up its technology development activity, a top priority to shape the industry of the future, starting to work with Royal FloraHolland (the consortium of producers that controls the flower auction) to be compliant with the new platform, which they will release in September. Bloovery is now the first and only integrated player (software development + commercial activity) in the world to participate in the tests.
In addition, in order to give immediate support to florists, forced to close down, the company has promptly converted part of its resources to make its technology available to help them sell their products online and deliver them to their customers' homes.

Bloovery is a startup that aims to digitize the floral market. In addition to allowing the florist to place orders conveniently online, receiving them in store in just 24 hours, Bloovery is the first platform directly connected to the Dutch flower auctions, and allows for each order to receive an accurate assessment of the best price available.

The turnover in the first 18 months has already exceeded € 320,000, with more than 90 B2B customers. Thanks to these results LVenture Group decided to invest in our campaign, to support Bloovery in its growth.

The team combines more than ten years of management experience in the sector with digital marketing skills, developed in a multinational environment, and a new and motivated team of developers, with various previous experiences in the startup sector.


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