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Barty Mix is the new automated system for the preparation of professional-quality cocktails for the Horeca channel. A mix of technology and innovation.

  • € 144,000 already raised by converting with private investors in pool with CDP Ventures

  • Fast-growing bartender automation trend to improve efficiency and streamline work

  • Intuitive, immediately installed, patent-protected system obtained in 2021

  • Received Italian patent and European patent

min: 100.000 €

max: 500.000 €

0 Investments

0 €

0 Paid

0 €

Minimum goal

99.999 €

Minimum Order

260,00 €


2.600.000 €



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Barty is the device designed by Prototipia srl for the automated mixing of cocktails, long drinks and non-alcoholic drinks intended for the Horeca channel. It allows through pre-set and/or customizable recipes, to obtain in a few seconds a drink with perfectly balanced ingredients. The device allows up to 12 liquid ingredients to be connected, and is protected by a patent obtained in 2021.

Thanks to Barty, beverage professionals have a valuable aid in the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and Horeca operators who want to create a complete bar unit have a system that is easy and immediate to install.

Barty is characterized by its simple and intuitive App-Mobile for device management and configuration and Cloud server for device management and analysis on consumption and product data.

Behind its modern and sophisticated design is IoT technology, the result of years of research and protected by an international patent.

In 2020, the company has already aroused interest from investors by entering into a €144k conversion with private investors in a pool with CDP Ventures. The funds were used to register the Barty brand and complete market validation.

Prototipia was granted an Italian patent in 2021 and a European patent from the European Patent Office in 2022.

Barty is the result of several years of research, development and validation. The Prototipia team has invested about € 100k for the validation of the project.The tests carried out have had significantly positive results, increasing the Company's industrial know-how and finding an excellent response from the market, which has absorbed the devices produced for the pilot project, also generating revenues of about € 20k.

The development of Barty is constantly evolving: in addition to the current mixing system, new versions for home and self-service use of the machine will be launched on the market.

On the Barty campaign is available the optional service of Rubrication free of charge for the Investor as the costs are borne by Barty.

A30% tax break is applied on Barty.


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