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AvvocatoFlash has over 4,000 lawyers registered in its network and thousands of legal cases handled and resolved each month.

  • 17,000 users managed

  • Validated by LUISS EnLabs program

  • Turnover: € 20 thousand April / € 22 thousand May 2020

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 199,47 k€

Goal max 299,21 k€

Total Collected

292.154 €




1,80 Mln€

Minimum goal

199,47 k€

Minimum Order

498,57 €



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  • Product
  • Customer Need
  • Technology
  • Market and Target
  • Customer and Traction
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business Model
  • Competitors
  • Financial projections
  • Use of funds
  • Rewards for Investors
  • Team and Shareholders
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Abstract Operation

In addition to participating in Luiss EnLabs ' acceleration program and LVenture 's investment in the company's capital, Avvocato Flash has been selected for the acceleration program Le Village by Credit Agricole, one of the largest innovation ecosystems in the world with over 700 accelerated startups and more than 600 corporate partners. Le Village startups have access to a personalized coaching program, designed to achieve high growth in the short term. By joining this community, Avvocato Flash can create new strategic partnerships and expand its pool of users and lawyers. All this is accompanied by the exponential growth in recent months, going from revenues of 5 thousand euros in February, with 43 paying lawyers, to 22 thousand euros with 178 paying lawyers in May. A key number to interpret the growth is the high retention rate which has gone from 62% to 69%.


AvvocatoFlash is a legal services web platform that allows you to find and hire a lawyer easily, quickly and for free.

The platform offers its services to:

  • Citizens and businesses, allowing them to access legal services and directing them to the best solution for their legal problem
  • Lawyers, helping them to grow their business, expanding their customer portfolio through the online channel.

In the last year AvvocatoFlash has had the opportunity to validate the market in the acceleration program "LUISS Enlabs" of LVenture Group, reaching a monthly turnover of 20,000 euro in April 2020, with 170 lawyers paying monthly.

In this difficult moment, where the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to drastically change our life habits, AvvocatoFlash has become a fundamental tool for users and lawyers, representing the only channel of communication between client and professional for the solution of legal problems.

AvvocatoFlash has already had a notable increase in turnover from March onwards with growth of 50%, month on month.

The Founders combine more than ten years' experience in the legal services sector with digital marketing skills, developed in an international environment, as well as skills in software development, apps, back end and front end, gained both in multinationals and in various previous experiences in the start-up field.

Our mission is to make the legal services market accessible to anyone and at any time, giving everyone the opportunity to find the right lawyer for their needs and their spending power.

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